A Postcard from foggy London

As I’m writing, the typical London weather – cloudy, foggy, humid – is morphing into what looks like a sunny day with a sliver of blue sky between the clouds.

I’m not sure if anyone will read this, to be honest 😉 I neglected this blog for a long time. At the beginning of the new year, I really want to get back to it. First of all, I want to have my own place online, where I can share what I think. Also, I want to create more, not only consume other people’s content. I want to fill that I’m making something for myself, not only work, eat, entertain myself, repeat.

Also, a few months back, I started working as a content creator – writing newsletters, emails, posts on social media, blog posts for someone else, among other things. I like it. Even though I already spend a lot of time writing, the job made me a more efficient writer – the more I created, the easier it got. As a result, it gave me a boost to write something for myself, too.

I want this year to be filled with more creativity. When I was younger, I used to draw – I stopped doing that many years ago, I guess eight years? Because I didn’t know what to draw, I didn’t “feel inspired”, and then got caught in everything that adult life entails – studying, exams, then working, then I went to China, and I never seemed to have enough time or mental capacity to do that… I mean, I started my blog there so there you go – some creativity – but I really would like to go back to doing something with my hands.

The other day at a friend’s house I saw a few trinkets made by her boyfriend’s father – a clock, drink coasters, a decorative box. Even though I’m still a minimalist and don’t intend to produce and collect large numbers of items like that, I think it’s just cool and useful to be able to build something with your own hands.

Right now I’m in London, and the reality here is a bit grim – the Covid cases are on the rise, the third lockdown started a few days ago, I’m worried that the police will stop me if I go for a walk. (Which feels absurd because the virus is not hiding between the trees or in the lakes, and I think spending time out in nature keeps many people sane. But oh well, parks and forests were closed in Poland last year as well).

When I came, they had a more relaxed approach – London was in tier 2, restaurants were still open, and you could eat inside. My boyfriend and I wanted to check out the nearby “casino” to play some slot machines… but were too late when a one-month lockdown started. Then, it relaxed again – back to tier 2, which meant restaurants could reopen. We managed to squeeze a meal in an Asian restaurant in, go to a street food market – and then suddenly into tier 3 and 4… Then, Christmas and new year. Now another lockdown.

We ate tasty duck fat fries and Nigerian rice with meat and vegetables.

I was pretty fortunate this Christmas – since I live close to a Polish store, I could go and buy some stuff – like uszka (small dumplings filled with stuffing, e.g. cabbage and mushrooms) or all the ingredients to make a Polish salad, and more.

In all honesty, between remote working, watching TV shows about travel or tiny houses, occasional fish and chips, and working as a content creator, walks to the nearby park – I really cannot complain. Also, my 2020 was filled with a lot of events – which will be a real blessing in the future, when I won’t only be looking back at 2020 as the “pandemic year”, but also a year in which a lot happened. I hope to write more about it in the future.

That’s it for today – short postcard for you. I hope wherever you are, you’re healthy and feel at least ok, and that you can go out and look at some of the green stuff. Or white in case of snow – lucky you! I love the snow.

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