Back After a Long Time

I’ve been silent for a long time. It was difficult for me to write regularly after I left China and started traveling, and neglected the blog. This is a short update saying what I had been up to.

I don’t know how people who blog about traveling do it; I mean, it’s not like the purpose of this blog is to be a travel blog, but still, originally I had wanted to continue posting, but in the end, I was always consumed by drama I encountered on the way or tired, or just wanted to chill, or another excuse. Anyway, I want to get back to it, even though after all this time maybe no one will read it. Many things happened since I last wrote and hopefully, I can post about those things from the past too. 

After leaving China, I went to Southeast Asia for 7 weeks – I spent 4 weeks in Vietnam (I posted about Hanoi), 2 weeks in Cambodia and one week in Bangkok; originally I had planned to stay in Thailand longer, but because I wanted to go home for Christmas, I knew that I had to start earning money rather sooner than later because the plane tickets from Australia to Europe would be very expensive (and they truly were). 

So I went to Australia, to Queensland, and I worked on a farm for two months. I wanted to finish 88 days of farm work (it makes you eligible for the second working holiday visa) so I did the first part last year. Then I went home (and spent a lot of money on a ticket) and stayed there for one month. Then came back to Australia and worked on a farm some more – my plan was to finish the days, earn money, save it, then go to Europe (I had this opportunity to organize a trip for my Chinese friend, kind of like a project to do and earn money for it), then go back to Australia, but this time not on a farm, but to a city – to experience life in different places. But with the coronavirus, everything changed – first of all, it wasn’t certain if my Chinese friend would be able to go out of China. Then, it turned out that China started doing fine, but Europe got in a really bad situation and is still not very good. For me, I was still working on a farm, so it was pretty stable, all things considering, but I decided to leave that stability to follow a guy that I really liked to go to Perth – 4000 km away. I’m not sure if it’s gonna pay off because right now we’re only dating without any specific plan for the future – and that makes me very, very anxious because I don’t do the whole “living in the present” and “enjoying the moment” very well. But I decided to do it because I think it’s better to do something and regret it rather than not do it and regret it, if you know what I mean. So, it’s alright. Anyway, now I’m here and I’m struggling a little bit because there are not many jobs available – I have some savings to get by but I really hope they will start reopening some businesses in the near future so a backpacker like me could find a job too. 

I actually feel pretty busy, because apart from trying to find a job, I try to deepen my knowledge in many fields; I’m trying to finish my TEFL course that I started in China; I’m learning a course on economics because I feel like I don’t have enough knowledge about it; I’m also learning some things to get certificated that would allow me to have more job opportunities here. It’s a bit all over the place and I do feel disorganized, but at least I am doing something to better my situation. And I hope it’s gonna improve soon. I also spend time learning about matters that are interesting to me: recently, I’ve been reading about attachment theory (and it’s helping me to understand my own anxieties around relationships and also why men that I tend to choose – usually avoidant themselves – act how they act) and stoicism (trying to minimize negative emotions in my life, as I am quite susceptible to them).

Anyway, that’s all for a short update; stay safe and healthy, and see you next time! 

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