Why Do Chinese People Like White Cars So Much?

In China, sometimes if you look around, you will discover that most of the cars are white. I don’t think there are that many white cars in Poland. If I had to take a guess, I think the most popular color would be grey/silver, maybe black… There are, of course, white cars as well, but I don’t think they constitute a majority.

So I got curious about it. And asked a few Chinese friends about it.

One of my friends said that when she was planning to buy a car, she thought about other colors, for example red, but in the end, she also decided to buy a white car. The reason was that she thought it was the safest color for the car – meaning that it can be easily spotted in the dark and in general, it is more visible than other colors.

According to another friend of mine, people tend to choose white cars because it is the current trend and they are just following what other people are doing; just like they used to buy white iPhones when that color was popular and now they switched to black.

One student of mine said that white cars don’t heat up as much as black cars because white color reflects sun rays.

So I decided to take my question to Baidu – the Chinese search engine.

White cars everywhere – driving around the Sun Yat-sen statue in Xinjiekou

Several articles also mentioned the safety factor as the most important one – white color is simply more visible, especially at night (and if you had an opportunity to witness traffic in China then you know that safety on the road is a major concern). According to one article, surveys show that white cars are the least unlikely to be in a car accident.

Other reasons were that on a white surface, scratches and dirt are not as obvious as on darker colors, such as black.

More white cars.

So, to sum up, if you’re ever curious about the large number of white cars here in China – it’s because they’re thought to be safer than other colors, they don’t heat up and don’t get so dirty and, of course, if everyone buys a white car, then others will probably follow as well.

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