Why 2018 Was a Good Year

I started to put myself and my needs first in some of the situations that I’ve been struggling with (for instance at work).
I made some decisions that were making me uncomfortable (such as changing jobs twice) which makes me feel like I’m actually learning and accepting how to do things that are outside of my comfort zone.
I started this blog, which was something I had been thinking for a long, long time before I actually did it.
I let some frenemies go.
I learned more about boundaries in relationships and my standards that I’m planning to keep non-negotiable.
Even though I still have some debts, I think I’m on a good path to paying them off and saving some money.
I finally started working on my graduation thesis (even if it only started at the very end of the last year).
I started putting actual effort towards minimalism and intentional lifestyle and focusing on most important things (which aren’t things at all).
I made some New Year resolutions and I feel good about them.

I have a feeling that 2019 is going to be awesome!

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