An Autumn Walk in Zakrzówek


Close to the place where I live in Cracow, there’s a site of old limestone quarry called “Zakrzówek”. The quarry was operating in the 20th century and supposedly was filled with water when the waterbed in a limestone wall was accidentally pierced. Now the place is a beautiful water reservoir and serves as a spot for Cracow divers and as a place to go for a walk.

The area next to the reservoir is called Twardowski Rocks Park and has some biking routes inside; the limestone rocks are popular among rock climbers as well.


Unfortunately, throughout the years there have been many accidents in the area, mostly involving alcohol. The place is a popular spot for drinking and partying and sometimes after drinking people get an idea to go swimming in the water which is quite deep, with the deepest spots reaching 32 m. In such cases, it’s easy for an accident to happen. Because of that reason, the reservoir is for the most part surrounded by a wired fence and is prohibited to enter. However, there are many holes in the fence and even though they often get patched, as soon as it happens people cut through them again… So it’s not difficult to enter at all, but it is important to be careful when walking on the path leading through the rock cliffs surrounding the reservoir – one wrong step could mean falling down the wall into the deep water.

That said, the place is amazingly beautiful, especially in Autumn.


Address: Zakrzówek, Wyłom, 30-001 Kraków

How to get there: the closest bus/tram stop is “Norymberska” (bus no. 194, trams no. 11, 17, 18, 52)

Admission: Free.

Is it worth to go there: it is, since the place is really beautiful. However, if you decide to go over the fence, be careful of your steps!


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