The Beginning

evening qinhuai


I’m Xuanxuan (that’s my Chinese name) and I come from Poland. I’m a student, but I also kinda work here in Nanjing, Jiangsu province.

January, 2018 – it was then when I first felt that I needed to start a blog. I needed to have a place to talk freely about things that interest me, issues that make me tick and to have a place when I could hold myself accountable for the goals I want to achieve. I’ve always been a talker and if something was of value to me or I would get interested in it, I would go on and on about it, and obsess over it to my friends till everyone was tired of the topic! Now, I know it’s not a good way of going about those things, but I often feel the need to express myself at length and freely and also document the places I’ve been too – and Facebook doesn’t cut it. Hopefully, I can now have a place of my own for it.

Many people start blogs when they go abroad for a longer period of time – to have some sort of a journal, a place to catalogue their memories from their journey. However, when I first came to China as a student – it was September 2014 – I did think about it, but I felt I didn’t have much to say! Granted, China is a fascinating place to be in, with many contradicting phenomenons, rich culture etc. Etc., but I was asking myself: do I really have something to say? Something original? Actually, I didn’t feel that way. It wasn’t until much later, when I started doing other things and slowly discovering my goals in life that I felt I could write about them, and being here in China is only one of the aspects.

Also, another thing has happened that finally convinced me to start this blog. Recently, I started cooperating with a Chinese investor and currently, I’m trying to start a company. I mean, we already have a company, just not sure what to do with it next. At first, the idea was to do some import/export and if it goes well, maybe we could try to do other things in the future. However, I did not anticipate that most of the work (at this point, it’s mostly intellectual work – figuring out what we should trade, what’s the process of it, how to get customers, what kind of customers, etc. etc.) would have to be done be me. Right now, we’re (I’m) still in the stage of figuring out what to do, who to see (in terms of suppliers), how to do it, and sometimes I just feel helpless. On one hand, it’s not such a great deal – someone just gives you money and you’re supposed to start everything from the scratch, including coming up with a good product/idea (it is great to have an idea and then encounter someone willing to help you develop it…). On the other hand, it’s still some sort of an opportunity. Also, it’s not that my investor is a bad person – he just don’t know what he’s doing. Neither do I.

Oh, I should also mentioned that I’m a seasoned procrastinator and I’m also struggling with finishing my master’s degree here in Nanjing (mostly just struggling with writing the thesis….). So as you can see, it’s all rather chaotic, but I discovered that in a midst of emotional turmoil, writing really helps me calm down and gather my thoughts.

Hey, I’m just a foreigner trying to make something of myself in China!

And this seems like too much of a mess and too much of an adventure not to document it. If I manage to go through all this, I’ll probably gain some useful knowledge and skill in the process and someone might benefit from it! Other than that, I just want to have something else to focus on except for my daily job and to have an outlet to rant about things that annoy me and to share things that excite me (such as living here in China in general, travel, food, intentional living, financial independence – although that’s far off… etc).

Anyways! I just thank the heaven (tian) that it’s Mid-Autumn Festival now and I can have all the mooncakes I want.

See you next time!

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